Progressive Christians Uniting was founded by John Cobb, Jr. and George F. Regas in 1996 as The Claremont Consultation, which soon took institutional shape as the Mobilization for the Human Family. In 2003 the organization’s name was changed to Progressive Christians Uniting. From the outset, PCU was committed to articulating and living out a positive alternative to the kind of religiosity expressed by such figures as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Today, PCU defines its mission as engaging people and communities to embody Jesus’ way of compassion and justice in our world.

We are a growing Southern California network of individuals and congregations seeking to express and embody a version of Christianity that looks more like the religion of Jesus than the religion of empire. Over the years, the organization has been supported by several hundred individual donors, regional conferences and judicatories, and congregations throughout Greater Los Angeles, as well as by significant foundation support for its criminal justice reform project and for other specific projects.

Under the day-to-day leadership of Peter Laarman, who served as PCU’s executive director from 2004-2013, the organization moved its headquarters to downtown Los Angeles and began to engage more directly with the challenges posed by low-wage labor, a dysfunctional criminal justice system, and the rising threat of theocracy. PCU has also expanded its efforts to serve as a useful resource for congregations, for clergy leaders, and for peace and justice activists within congregations. Our current signature project is Justice Not Jails which seeks to address the problems of mass incarceration in California.

In January 2014, Rev. Timothy Murphy began as PCU’s new executive director. We hope you will find ways to continue to connect with us and strive for social justice in our society!

George Regas
John Cobb

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